Secrets for health and beauty

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Hair, nails and skin acquire a natural shine and beauty, and the metabolic activation is immediate, leading to weight reduction. The joints have increased mobility, significantly reducing any discomfort while shielding the body is full, thanks to increased antioxidation offered after numerous are the antioxidant vitamins.

The combination of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural ingredients, provides all of the positive results in the appearance and the overall functioning of the body by acting inside and making the results visible to the first drop, with more than 3000 studies on the components of , published in EFSA. Imagine what else can be done!

Usually we know the causes that something happens and we know how to deal with this thing happens. But many times, there are treatments and things influences have effects opposite to those we knew and not always positive, but no one found to enlighten us about them.

If weigh yourself morning and weighed, then again at night, find a slight increase in the scale ratio, which is fully justified because of fluid retention is made during the day. Salt and season reinforce this increasing retention, especially apparently, not so essentially our weight. The diuretic is a solution to this problem, with the always consulted your doctor.

There is no doctor or specialist that does not condemn the inaction of sedentary life and now there are numbers confirm that, pursuant to which, staying on the chair for more than 11 hours a day, reduces the duration of your life.  So if you practice office work longer you have a very good argument for getting up at regular intervals from the chair and walk, even to the toilet. It would be nice to do some exercises during the day, even if your weird looking fellow. Either ignore them, or even put them in the game's longevity.

Although the days of the period the desire increases significantly for a little more sugar, it would be good to resist, thinking only that evil rather do than good to yourself. What makes sugar is cast magnesium levels in the body, thus leading to further swelling and discomfort more time.

Beauty tip: Apply all over the mobile eyelid one layer beige iridescent shade and then apply several coats of black mascara to give volume to vlemma.Toniste cheekbones with some pink blush brush strokes, while lip choose a pink lipstick shade that will fill with a transparent lip gloss in the center of the lips. Along with the new season come new fashion trends in makigiaz.Etsi then comes to us and the desire to buy new products to renew the face of kalokairiou.To first thing to do though is to do a good shakeup at vanity with our cosmetics, tossing broken, old and expired products last season.

Nail fungus treatment

A nail fungus, often called lime nail in the vernacular. Is a fungal infection of the finger or toenail A fungal nail on the toe caused by contagious foot fungus. This foot fungus can be easily acquired in swimming pools, communal showers, saunas and so on. But because mold spores are everywhere around us the foot fungi can also be gained elsewhere. Fungi thrive in warm moist environments. It is therefore especially the feet and toenails that are more susceptible to fungal infection. Only when the foot of the nail plate is pushed inside creates a nail fungus.

A nail fungus usually begins with a white or yellowish discoloration of the nail edge. Then, there arise small colored specks on the nail plate. In a next stage the spots extend extend to over the entire nail. And as the fungal infection further expanding the nail becomes thicker and more crumbly texture.

By accumulation of fungal nail can be pushed up under the nail, cracks or in some cases, the nail may become detached from the nail bed. Because the invading fungi, and may be located in a fungal nail is very persistent, and sometimes difficult to handle under the nail plate. The remedies that are released at drug and / or pharmacy are available, such as anti-fungal nail creams or pens usually not sufficiently penetrate through the nail plate to reach the mold.

And as a fungal nail itself is a harmless condition. Is certainly not prepared any doctor to prescribe months of treatment with an antifungal medication. The treatment at a pedicure is composed of the thin plate so that the milling of nail fungi that occur in and at the bottom are the nail plate. With an anti-fungal agent can be combated. A fungal infection of the feet (incurred while exercising, swimming or sauna); A warm and humid climate, damaging the nail bad circulation in the feet. It is a common disorder. Mostly it concerns the toenails, especially the big toe.

But also can be affected the finger nails. You will keep your feet clean your nails cut short, you do not nail polish or a medical ointment or salve on your nails. Prior to treatment you should consult with your pedicure to make an appointment to sharpen the nails thin and to cut as short as possible. Take your appointment with clean socks. You may only wear stockings that can be washed at 60 degrees! No wool socks anymore.

Was only 60 degrees, the mold die. Sprinkle or spray the inside of the socks with antifungal powder or spray. Sprinkle or spray also the inside of your shoes. You continue to use the antifungal cream, drops or spray to the fungus from your nails. It can be purchased in the salon. It may be that this treatment if discomfort experienced. Through the treatment heats the nail and a burning sensation can arise during the treatment. When pulse laser we treat your nail fungus at least 3 times, 1 times per 4 weeks.

What should I eat as a snack before exercise

If you are going to go to the gym 15-30 minutes, make an easy and simple smoothie, which will not only give you the necessary energy that your body needs to cope with the drill program and will give the necessary those nutrients accelerate the processes of fat burning. Add to blender skim milk, some frozen berries, a small banana and 2-3 almonds and drink it just before you begin your workout.

A homemade sweet, clean clothes, and pleasant environment. In the madness of the daily program, cooks sometimes two or three meals. Spaghetti for children, potatoes with roast meat for her husband and something light to keep the line. He believes that we need to satisfy taste the whole family. Within this madness and tiring - daily schedule, it comes and tortures intake weight!